When you picture yourself a traditional Kerala farm in it classic, idyllic perception, this is what the manjakunnel farm actually looks like!. Charming nature that surrounds all of our farming facilities haunts our farm guests and inspires and refreshes them.

All in all, we simply love growing food and taking care of our cattle, all seasons, any season long!



Kottappara Hills also known as Kottappara Mala is a viewpoint located at the Idukki District in the state of Kerala, which is known as the gods own country. To reach Kottappara hills you need to travel around 22 kilometres from the nearest town Thodupuzha or around 2 kilometres from Vannapuram which is a smaller town near the destination. The only way you can reach the destination is via a road which is not that great in condition. You can see beautiful sceneries on both sides of the road once you start the climb uphill.


KattadiKadavu is one of the arising trekking destinations near Vannapuram(nearby Thodupuzha), Idukki District, Kerala. It is one of the promising destinations in Idukki with its panoramic view of hills and misty atmosphere.

Kattadikadavu can be easily accessed from Muvattupuzha(35km) or Thodupuzha(25km) or from Idukki Township(33km). It is also known as Kattadi Kunnu or Marathakamala in the surrounding areas.


The Gods Own Country is covered with natural waterfall and one of the not so explored named, Anayadikuthu Falls is a 22 km trek from Thodupuzha in the district of Idukki. It is a place to be loved by the devotees and tourists.

Anayadikuthu is located near Thommanankum. This is the place where the river flows to the rocks. This is the only place where the waterfall flows from the bottom.


Thommankuthu is a waterfall located in Thodupuzha Thaluk in Idukki District of the southern state of Kerala, India. It is popular tourist spot in the state and one the major centres of eco-tourism in Kerala. It situated in the southern part of Western Ghats mountain range.

Location: Thommankuthu is located 18 km from Thodupuzha. Nearest towns are Karimannor and Vannappuram and Udumbannoor which are nearly 10 km from Thommankuthu.

Trekking: Thommankuthu waterfall is a seven - step waterfall located in forest. A trek of 12 km through the forests is possible.


Meenuliyan Para or Meenulinjan para is a mountain peak situated near Thodupuzha in Idukki district, in the Indian state of Kerala. Meenuliyan para is noted for a huge rock that rises more than 4000 feet and has about two acres of evergreen forest on top of it. The rock itself covers an area more than 500 acres. The surface of this huge rock mountain looks like fish scales and hence the mountain gets the name ‘ Meenuliyan Para’.

The lofty peaks of the Meenuliyan para are covered in mist on rainy days but on a fine day the lower Periyar area, Bhoothathankettu and even Ernakulam are visible from these heights. Meenuliyan para is located 47 km from Muvattupuzha and 51 km from Thodupuzha. Meenuliyan para can be reached only by a pedestrian path for about 3 km from Pattayakkudy, in Vannappuram Panchayath in Idukki district.


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